Eradicating AIDS pandemic by 2030 a mere rhetoric.

It is acknowledged  that health entails the physical, social, mental, emotional  and spiritual  well being of  a person or community  and not merely  the absence of a disease or infirmity .this was  observed  more than  fifty years ago  when the World  Health Organization (WHO1948) coined the definition of health . With this definition , I believe their  sister organization -UNAIDS   is being myopic in  their ambitious target of ending the pandemic by 2030 as   there are many factors that  prevents the target goal to bear the much desired fruits.

UNAIDS as an international organization  is clearly depicting a mindset  like that of  the Bourbons, they learn nothing and forget nothing. I don’t believe  with the alarming rates of HIV new infections being recorded each year around the globe  it’s  wiser to keep on heralding about ending this devastating epidemic by 2030.Its a shame that the organization keeps on applauding itself about having made progress in raising HIV awareness ,yet  the number of new infections  are  going up amid the efforts.  Our governments have been made docile  for a long time paid blind eyes to other none communicable  diseases such as cancer  diabetes and Tuberculosis while trying to tilt the scale of HIV which amid all these fearful fights kept on escalating. Many innocent souls have died ,while a lot of funds have been poured to fight HIV by AIDS apologists. Whether strategies are being changed or whatever as long as the behaviour of people and the circumstances leading to the rise of new infections have not changed ,let’s forget about eradicating anything. As the old adage has it that “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”  as long as people and their societies have not made up their minds about how exactly they want to do away with HIV ,it becomes difficult to give them a manual and expect them to grasp it.

In July 2014, at the 20th International AIDS conference held in Melbourne Australia, Zimbabwe committed itself to the international thrust to end AIDS by 2030.  Skepticism have been there  since  that time , conferences started being held  to discuss on possible measures to mitigate  the HIV virus , most analysts  questioned   its commitment  with some viewing it as a milestone.  It cannot be achieved, it is  impossible they opined . This scepticism still stands today , in that Zimbabwe is one of the  African countries affected by AIDS but heavily rely on India to supply HIV drugs and funding from  donor states  to  do HIV programs. All these are signs and symptoms of failure , what would happen if India stops supplying drugs to us ? Or worse if the donor states stops dishing out the funding? Does the ending AIDS by 2030 still stands in the picture ? Certainly not.  I think that if only affected regions have the capacity to manufacture their own medication using locally available resources  can there be an aota of hope to do away with the HIV pandemic .Truth may not be good at all times ,but if told at the right time ,it can be a necessary tool. To tell the truth funds are dwindling as more and more international  calamities are being conceived which need to be financed as well. For instance ,terrorism has proved to be a thorn in the flesh to those donor states funding towards the eradication of AIDS. This means sooner or later  some funds will be diverted to  curb terrorism and  the fight against  AIDS will long  be forgotten.

 Moreover, people’s engagement in HIV dialogues are tokenistic . People only got to know about strategies and country roadmaps when everything has already been finalised. That explains why people always resist many projects being spearheaded for them because they feel they don’t own them.  Attendance of AIDS conferences also is discriminatory, those infected with HIV get first preference as if being infected with HIV is some sort of  a privilege . Again fighting  towards eradication of AIDS through discriminatory means is doomed to fail . Why is there supposed to be a demarcation line  when  the  target goal  needs everyone on board? If these situations are not mitigated ,more and more people are going to get infected regardless of all the efforts. Many HIV advocates  do concur with UNAIDS that HIV can be eradicated by 2030 ,but unfortunately not if most people are living with it ,indulging in unprotected sex  as the situation is right now. This scenario clearly highlights that we are still far from erasing this devastating AIDS pandemic  .


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