Own your story!

Do you know what animals do when they shift and settle in another area? well for example hyenas or jackals they mark their new space  by simply urinating  around their territory,this urine is unique and no other jackal or hyena have the same scent. This might seem stupid ,but the issue of ownership and uniqueness is  very fundamental  in life. How you portray yourself  plays a pivotal role in clearly communicating to the world who you are or what you  are made of , believe it or not but ‘you cannot not communicate’ meaning that  whatever you are doing  give it your best shot and never regret it because  that  way you are communicating  a lot about yourself.    That example of hyenas and jackals I have  used,do you know what they do if their territory is being invaded? …they fight until the intruder has left! That should be lesson number one.

Why also should you bother about how people will react to your actions? The moment you start to pay less attention to what people say or how they react  to whatever you’re doing ,is when your life begins. It should be a lesson that other people’s opinion of you ,doesn’t have to be your reality,instead write your own stanza in your own unique way!

The  world is full of people  who are always trying to be like somebody they have seen on television or someone whose highly esteemed in the society , but very few take their time in mapping how they want their lives to be different or better off stand out from the ordinary. I have a ceaseless effort not to ridicule human actions ,instead I thrive to always have an open mind .The reason being ,if you are always ready to entertain new ideas  or concepts and grasp them slowly ,making a difference becomes a bonus.

I have heard so many times people discouraging their friends ,relatives or even colleagues not to persue their goals. Sometimes they will tell you that …..you’re are not brilliant to pass the exam, you’re too poor to have a meaningful investment in that business or that you’re too young to  lead that organization .All these are  nets that will be casted at you verbally  to barricade you from accomplishing your goals ,but rather don’t put all your eggs in one basket ,because if this one breaks -try another one  even if it means exhausting all of them.

You will never achieve your goals if you don’t have the persistence of a child.Imagine how a toddler struggle to get up each time he\she hits the ground. It’s their persistence which makes them brave enough not to complain,give up or to at least cry. How I love to be as persistent as a toddler!

The little experience i have has taught me enough that the world is not favourable  to those who show signs of weariness. In simpler terms ,the more you cry ,the more you alienate yourself from the world. The world itself has had enough of crying ,misery and hunger  to that extent that it really can’t contain all this misery anymore. Pacesetters or change makers are what the world is looking for. But because change  takes different shapes in different places , change makers must do things differently  and  make the world go round. In fact ,be the change you want to see and most importantly whatever you are doing ,do it in your own way and own your story!


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