life changes ,how to go about it ?

If a tree is able to bend whenever there is great and tempestuous wind ,this enables it to stay intact  and prevents it from breaking .Bending also allows it to  adapt to this change that has happened. Likewise, in life  we face a lot of changes ,sometimes we tend to deny  that change is happening  or we see it but rather choose to ignore it. At the end of the day what counts is that change is happening in fact it is a continuous process and unfortunately  in most cases inevitable.

The question which arises now is what   are you supposed to do about the change ?

Here are some of the things that you can do:

1 .Accept that change happens.

It’s undeniable that most individuals  want things to remain as they are  especially when everything is going on well. But the truth is that nothing lasts forever  it doesn’t matter  whether we like it or not .Sometimes individuals lose jobs ,lose loved one’s or  circumstances force you to leave your country. These changes are stressful ,they affect us a lot . Fears of what life will be tend to grip us immensely. The truth is that the human race fear change in that it brings elements of uncertainty. Imagine going to another country where  you have no idea about their culture, language . There are so many barriers that  affects your stability in a foreign land .  It is however  important  to find a way of adapting  to these changes ,in fact adaptability is the  most effective   method of survival. It’s really important to note the rule of nature ” survival is based not on the size of the animal or plant ,but  on its ability to adapt  to the environment

2 . Always focus on the future

When we talk about the future ,usually we fantasize on good life ,good marriage and high paying jobs. If that turns out to be the opposite  ,we feel depressed ,give up on all hope  and think of going back to the past. The truth however is that the future is a ‘mixed bag’ ,we must anticipate  both good and bad  and always be  able to move forward when that change has taken place in your life. Remember  that those who make it in life  move forward undaunted by Heartbreaks and failures. Always make it a priority to accept  the unchangeable and remove   yourself from the unacceptable. One can only be able to adapt to the change  if he/she accept change and stop looking  back ,but focus on the future

3. Always stay positive

The way you see your problem determines how you will be able to adapt and stay focused. A change is necessary in life in that it enables one to grow ,to see things clearly especially  when you migrate to another country you got to embrace diversity and understand other people as they are . A change of government also might frustrate  those in business ,agriculture or industry  due to regulations or relaxations that might be introduced that will have a negative effect , but a change in government might also usher in new opportunities and more business growth.  So it is important to always try and find something good about that change that has taken place in your life . I still remember there was a time I had to separate with my parents and went to stay with my grandmother  who lived miles away from where my parents were staying. At first I thought  my parents hated me and wanted to punish or teach me a lesson,how could they have send me away when I was that young ? I used to question myself. But as years unfolds ,I realised that staying with my grandmother had  enabled me to grow independently  and I developed many skills that I’m using today to sustain myself and I have also managed to be a sociable being who  accepts individuals of different race or tribe without  being judgemental  or irritable. Since then ,I have  realized that it’s important to see the good part of any change that has happened in your life

4. Help others accept change and strengthen them in their weaknesses.

There is a phrase I enjoy biblically which is found in the book of Revelation .It states that ” they defeated him by the testimony of their mouth” this phrase encourages me a lot in that a testimony of  how you have conquered your problems may be the only thing needed by someone right now  who is hopeless. Over the years life experiences have been one of the most effective ways of inspiring someone to dare their fears and see how a change can be of their benefit. With this I hope  change isn’t a bad thing after all.


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