Rethinking the purpose of prophecy. True and false ones :where do we draw the line ?

Since time immemorial, prophecy  has  undeniably been  one of the mediums  in which God communicate effectively  to his people.
Prophets   rose whenever there   was need,  these prophets   had specific  missions which  they sought to accomplish and their  presence  was very significant.
Biblical  evidence shows that prophets of old held  the highest  rank .
Even kings knew that they were under prophets who were sometimes  known  as the ‘seer’  (Amos  7 verse 12 ).
As an aftermath  kings  highly  esteemed prophets  and sought guidance-counseling  and continuously  consulted   them to hear  what God  will say about certain  events in their  land notably  war, famine  and diseases.
In certain circumstances prophets reigned as kings,priests and even judges.   A notable  example  is that of Samuel who reigned  over the people of Israel  and acted  also as a judge  and offered  sacrifices  on behalf  of people  as a priest (1 Samuel  7 verse 15).
God had equipped  him for all these tasks.
The bible however  highlighted  that the Israelite’s   burden and unending  wars  with their neighbors erupted when  they  complained  to Samuel  that they wanted a King to reign over them citing that he was too old to carry  out all the tasks  and his children were also not walking in their  father’s  ways  whom he had appointed  to help him .
Israel  had known  peace during  the time Samuel  was reigning  over them.
Samuel  was angry with the people  of Israel  because  of their  request  ,but God instructed  Samuel  to heed the voice of the people.
The lord comforted  Samuel  saying ” heed the voice  of the people  in all that they say to you, for they have not rejected  you, but they have rejected  me, that i should not reign over them ( 1   Samuel  8 verse 7). Knowing  their  evil thoughts ,God instructed  Samuel  who was the prophet  acting also as the judge to anoint a king who would reign  over them, but God told Samuel  to solemnly  forewarn them and show them the behavior  of the king  who would reign over them (1Samuel  8verse 9-22).

It is however  against   this background  that  in this generation and era   we see the  sprouting  of many prophets   some are ‘fly by night’ and some are true prophets ,yet they all claim  to be used by  the power  of God. 
Dear reader get me right, I’m  not against  prophets  of modern  day age nor their prophetic  styles because  God can use anyone  to convey his message  .
Some of the Prophets  of old testament  weren’t  born prophets  ,but were called  to herald or convey different  messages  that were suitable  with the time.
Amos is one of the old prophets  whom God called  while following  his flock and tending    the sycamore  fruits   to go and tell the Israelites  their transgressions ( Amos  7verse  14-15). Elijah  too  was not an Israelite for research  clearly  points out that he was from Tishbite , yet God instructed him to go and warn Ahab the king of Samaria  of the injustices  he was inflicting  on his subjects. Such prophecy  holds much water because  it was relevant.
These prophets were always  at longerheads  with kings and the general  populace  whom they conveyed their  messages  to.
They  weren’t  giving  people  false hope or telling  them what they wanted to hear, they stood  for the truth and justice  .
They would use harsh language  to  rebuke  people for instance Prophet Amos  used  words like ‘ you cows of Bashan’ and Jeremiah  also prophesied  that Israelites  were to go into exile for a long time ,thus there were to submit  to the rulers  of that  foreign  land and also marry their  daughters  which was contrary  to false prophets  who were there  during  his time who prophesied  that the exile  was just for a short time giving  people  false hope.
These types of prophecies   were not easy to accept  ,but that was the truth which needs  to be heralded.
During  that time being a prophet was a dangerous  task one could get killed  or risked spending  most of their lives  hiding ,a notable  example  is that  of Elijah who was constantly  fleeing  from Ahab  and his devious  wife Jezebel  after  he had rebuked them for idolatry  and oppression .
It  is therefore  clear that false prophets are by no means  a new phenomenon  for they have been  there  in the past.

Fast forward  now to modern  day prophets  ,they have a huge following  ,messages  always  sweet ,appealing  to the populace and the kings, people  don’t  really  have time for repentance  or have fellowship  with God. Its just prosperity  and breakthrough. There is nothing  wrong  in telling  people  that they are going to prosper, but there is everything  wrong in doing so if God has not really  said that.

The question  which now arises  is whether these people who are flocking  to receive  prophecies  know the difference  between  false  prophets   and  true prophets or they are just fulfilling  scriptural prophecy  which clearly  states  that there will come a time when people  will shun listening  to the word of God, but flock to hear  prophecies  that feels  good  to their  ears, but not pleasing  to God . 
People  are being  told what they want to hear, there isn’t  time to discern  whether  the prophecies   holds water  or not.
Just like the biblical  Israelites,  the generation  of today  approach  God while heavily  pregnant  with strategies  they want God to use to help them out of their situations ,this sense  of pride barricades everything  and when things doesn’t  work according  to their  expectations  they freak  out and doubt the power of God.
I respect  prophets  and their  prophecies  and i wouldn’t  want to find myself  judging  for the word of God said ” do not judge”  ,but what i really  want is for people to weigh the prophecies, understand  what the bible says and not be blind spiritually.
Believe  it or not this  era requires  one to possess  the spirit  of discernment .
The problem now is a complete ignorance  of the purpose  of prophecy  in people’s  lives and the church.
According  to the Bible, prophecy  is for strengthening or edifying the church ,giving hope , rebuking  kings  whenever  they disobey  God and warning  people  to desist  from filthiness  which displeased  God.
If prophecy  is not edifying  the church or rebuking  kings ,the general  populace  for their  wrong  doings   or giving hope to the people  who are in need of it , then I’m  afraid  and strongly  feel  that there is a huge problem  with that .
Let him who has ears to hear,hear  what the word of God has to say!


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