The sun is rising in the ghetto

If cancer which feeds on our weak cells , finds a weakness and begins to eat away, then hopefully , somewhere  within our bodies too  there  are certainly cells which fight and reject the deformity  as well.
No matter the circumstances, there has to be a way somewhere, somehow which permits you to write  your own stanza – saying it in your own way .
What is needed is a complete erasure of that space which breeds   self-doubt because  a mere  entertainment of  it will  turn one  into a captive.

This is an epitome  of a young kid rising in the block of music.
He resides  in the western suburbs of Harare, a busy area and obviously one  of the oldest  cities  in Harare.  The city  is undoubtedly now   overpopulated  and also known for  harboring thieves, prostitutes, drug dealers notably marijuana gamblers .
Mufakose is known for such rot,  but it is  in this place  that  promising talents are blooming arrayed with glitz thus   overshadowing the rot.
The youngster who is  rising  up neither thought of himself as vulnerable nor  disadvantaged   but only  as an achiever. What  puzzles me is his confidence . Philosophically I believe he’s an optimist who sees opportunities in a wrecked, disavantaged situation.


Tawanda Innocent Christmas 
a.k.a Tazee-Jonez

Tracing down his history, no sane person could listen to him narrating his  melancholic  ordeal without  shedding tears.
Tawanda Innocent Christmas  whose parents died when he was still young, is the second born in a family of three boys . He was raised by his grandmother  , but sadly, she couldn’t live long enough to see ” Tazee-Jonez ” as he is known in the music circles fulfilling his dream.

As a child, music played  a huge part in his life .Surprisingly his taste of music  conflicted  significantly with  that of  pals in  his hood. For those who know, the  ghetto is well known for conceiving’Zim dancehall’ , but Tazee-Jones favored hip- hop and an introspection  both on his presentation and dressing,  stand as a testimony  that surely  this genre  flows  swiftly through his veins.

He began his career in 2006  doing ghetto street cyphers  where  music artists where battling it out in the street . Some have since  ceased pursuing  the career that is so  daunting, but   he has been struggling, undeterred by his disadvantages and is  staying afloat in the  wave of hardships.

Tazee-Jonez was mainly inspired by  Timothy Katerere  better known as DJ Timmy Bwoi in the music cycles, he is also a producer  who owns a recording studio  in Mufakose. Tendai Masango also known as Jnr T and Boss Spencer  also  played a great role in inspiring the youngster.

With a genuine smile Tawanda,  could not hide why he chose to chase a different genre that is not well  accustomed with ghetto youngsters like him, he always dream that one day his music will go beyond the boarders of Zimbabwe and earn a decent living from his career. He also envy  Buffalo Soldier,who is also an offspring of Mufakose  but now enjoying his high-profile  music career  and a  lavish  lifestyle in South Africa.

Tazee-Jonez  had done a lot of collaborations  and the songs are mainly influenced by ghetto blues ranging from where he began up to  where he is now.
His first song  is called Nhasi takunwa ft Goodkid, Soul ft Feel Dee and Goodkid, Handife ndaregedza ft Ray Gee, Mfombi is my hood ft Weezy tiffy, Trimagandanga ft Weezy tiffy, Hona  ft Wizey 400, Boys rematimber ft Trap boy James, Same old, Can’t feel it ft Tracy and We up ft Pinky.
These 10 singles  are a testimony  to his hardwork, consistency and talent.
Like the old proverb say ” those who make it in life are the ones who move forward undaunted by hardships”  the youngster surely  deserves a chance if  opportunity and any other help is to come along his way.
Tawanda is just an epitome of the  youngsters who are rising in different ghettos, many have exceptional talents that are going unnoticed, only time will tell before  the talent  became so overwhelming and cannot be contained anymore.

Youngsters like himself often feel deterred by people who tell them chasing a music career is a waste of time, but truth be told- nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.


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