A generation of good leadership tomorrow, starts with our children today.

Children are like trees, with proper handling, they reach the age of maturity and with time bear fruits.
So many times I see people squashing seeds when passing through driveways. Nobody really thinks that those seeds if they are taken care of, they geminate and bear more trees and more fruits, the terrain goes on and on like that it won’t cease.
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The same is true when it comes to children, I have pondered very much as to how many children do we pass through in streets, in the market place or anywhere we may think of , so many, in fact,they are countless.
Have anyone ever thought about their future or people have a me and my family kind of attitude? I just wonder.

They wonder in streets, in the market places,they do that in anticipation of good hope.
Just like our very own children we have in nice built houses, they have ambitions.
their potential of becoming leaders is very high, but the problem is that we ignore them, we squash their ambitions by denying them access to education, so as an aftermath, they don’t become leaders. Rather they are groomed into social deviants that gives us a lot of mess which we might not be able to take care of.

If we can’t notice it and are not careful, the terrain of good leadership is one generation away from extinction.it’s our attitude that determines the sustainability of good leadership, we can’t expect to see quality leadership tomorrow in our children, yet we have not invested anything when they were still receptive.

Fidel Castro echoed these sentiments and I quote “give me your child and he will be a communist for life “.this further emphasizes the importance of input that we feed children .when they are older they won’t depart from things that have been imparted in them when they were still young.

Leadership is a relay race, it needs to be passed on to the next runner, but if we can’t teach our children to be leaders, in the future they will denounce us and revolt against everything we have put in place. After all these young people are not leaders of tomorrow, their leadership starts today .let this be explained to them now!

They should be given responsibilities too, that’s how they learn .

Lastly, lets fix this generation of young people and teach them how to lead, it’s essential.Lets take the advantage that they are still literal thinkers so they grasp information as it is .feed them good information and the results won’t be disappointing.


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