Change looks beautiful on you, try it!

I see change  as possible. Although history quickly reminds us that people many a times resist it because they fear it brings elements of uncertainty  or shift the dynamics and means of their survival as they  are always not ready  to  change. I’m however a strong believer of the notion that says ” change looks beautiful on you”.

When  the United Nations  introduced the Millennium Development Goals in 2000 , speculation has been that after the expiring of these goals, there was nothing else  to work upon.however the year 2015  dismissed all these speculations as the  United Nations rebranded  and  advocated for the sustainability of what the member states have worked upon from 2000-2015 , thus the  endorsement of Sustainable Development Goals.

I have used United Nations as an example because  the organization  itself has   gone through dynamics of change.

   Anyway, i’m not going to dwell much on United Nations, but the essence of my writing is that  people   should embrace change  and stand against the   dictator  who continues to subjugate young girls.the dictator is   called  Child Marriage.

Some of my learned friends would prefer referring to these young girls married off under the age of eighteen as ‘child brides’.the term in itself shows how  even  educated people try to sanitize  something  which is more glaring .my question then  would be” why are people  not  thinking of child Marriage  as a disaster  and a threat to the future of these young girls ?

I have few  arguments to    support that  girls’  future will remain bleak if they are married off early not being able to attain education.

Suddenly after a girl  leaves school, education to her  became  instinct .she will have no education  story to tell and that’s absurd. What that means is  that to her,  education isn’t a priority even when she has her own children she will not be able to value education, she knows not of it’s significance.  The terrain goes on like that  .

Moreover,  from a local survey conducted, the statistics are that girls whose mother’s were victims of child marriage, if they can’t find fees to attend school, their primary option will be to get married .This further perpetuates the cycle of poverty within the family.

It is this mindset that needs eradication, getting married because one couldn’t afford  education is an attitude on it’s own,  possibilities are endless  , but it takes  radical actions for one to change.

My last sentiments to young  girls is that instead of negating  your already bad situation, navigate and see change as a possibility .

To all our elderly people, let girls grow like trees, let them anchor their roots on the ground so that even when the  strong winds  come they will be unshakeable .

Change looks really good on you, give it a try!
Young girls  can be agents of change, they have the propensity to  forge paths they want to pass through to attain the much needed change.


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