Gender equality, a pie in the sky?

Gender goes beyond being male or female,it traces down to how men and women have been socially constructed, role playing and issues of power .Gender on its own is difficult because it teaches us ‘what we ought to be, turning a blind eye on who we really are’ . It is therefore clear that gender is a diverse and complex subject which needs to be addressed not by a “one size fits all approach” but rather a holistic one is plausable.

Ever since the emancipation of women have become a rallying cry to those opposed to the conservatism of men globally, some  male dominated communities reluctantly relinquished power and paved way for women to lead sectors of the economy that were once a preserve for men.

This was a stepping stone  for   women’s associations  who for quite a long time  have been waging  tireless advocacy for the equitable power sharing.

However  amid all these efforts to tilt scales of imbalance, gender inequality  continue to haunt and subjugate women in all forms.

Violence, which is undeniably one one of the offsprings of gender inequality, affects girls and women at every   age and stage of life, that’s why it still remains important to fight gender inequality at every age and stage of life.

International estimates indicate that more than 60 million women aged 20-24 years were forced into early child marriage before they reached 18 years.
women’s voices in cases like these are shadowed because African societies strongly believe the male has a final decision.These males are the very same perpetrators of violence and are also forcefully marrying under-age girls .

This insatiable hunger and barbaric behavior being displayed by male counterparts has got to stop.culture is not static, it moves with time, so do we .people can’t keep on doing the same things that were once a burden to women centuries ago. If culture is being used as an opium to make women docile of what they are supposed to fight for, then may we stand and reject it!

It’s very unfortunate that gender equality for most women in various parts of the world will remain ” a pie in the sky ” if women  don’t take it upon themselves to  eradicate gender inequality not  in theory alone but putting it into practicality .

Its worrisome that women instead of fighting for the same cause of tilting scales of gender inequality, they are playing a rivalry against each practical example is that of the Minister of Women’s and Gender in UK  who pays women in her ministry less compared to their male counterparts who hold the same positions. If women themselves don’t believe and practice equality,our male counterparts will use that informed ignorance to further suppress us.

Taking a closer look at Nigeria, just recently the Senate passed a bill which clealy  dismisses all hope of attaining gender equality.

This is not good especially when a lot of funds have been availed to promote gender equality.
The international agreements such as the Beijing Declaration have they been seriously implemented, gender equality would have now flourished globally considering the amount of money that has so far been injected towards that.

I then arguably believe that ,change of attitude is the only ingredient lacking in making sure gender equality is attainable. People have heard and are fully aware of how gender inequality affects women in many societies, but their attitudes have remained the same .
Endorsing something is by no means a guarantee that its going to practised .

Unless people change their attitude in terms of how they view gender , for so many societies attaining gender equality will only remain “a pie in the sky”.

What is being done wrong or what is being overlooked by gender advocates leaves a lot to be desired, but everyone has a role to play.


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