Why youths should be ambassadors in their countries to end HIV?

If the youths are well equipped to stop AIDS, ending it by 2030 may become a reality.


The AIDS  epidemic has created history, for decades  Africa’s economic growth has not accelerated, many educated citizens have fallen prey to AIDS leaving a lot of orphans  vulnerable and crying out loud for help which never came in most cases.

Many of these orphans whose parents died of AIDS  never got to live normal lives, they have suffered stigma and discrimination, attracted unnecessary comments that  clearly showed they will always be reffered to as social outcasts.

This is the generation that has grown up with AIDS, so it is the duty of young people to eradicate it .Giving young people a chance to live a better life begins by giving them a chance to lead change as ambassadors.

Eradicating AIDS by 2030 is a very ambitious target that acquires everyone to be brought on board if the target is to be achieved.

In the absence of a cure, education remains the only vaccine we have, and this education should be passed on to young people  that they become ambassadors in their  communities.

Right now, a country that educates it’s youths about HIV and AIDS has a greater chance of eradicating the epidemic by 2030 .If older people who are way above being youths are given the first priority to eradicate AIDS,my fears are that they are all going to die leaving the race unfinished, that spells doom for the future of young people.

More often I hear sentiments like ‘ it’s easier said than done’ , but to meet the target of ending HIV and AIDS by 2030 , things should be easier done than said through strategically placing young people where they deserve to be… I mean they should be standing on the gap.


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