Addressing inequalities and social exclusion that affect HIV reduction.

HIV  is an epidemic that affects all sections of our societies. Although HIV counseling and testing (HCT) is a pivotal component of global HIV prevention and treatment efforts, I strongly believe that  more needs to be done firstly in the area of addressing inequalities  and the absentism of social participation.

I always want to echo these sentiments that ” whatever is done for the people, without their participation is against them ” however in order to reduce inequalities and social exclusion that affect global efforts to fight and reduce HIV and AIDS, the lack of culturally and linguistically appropriate health services should be addressed first.

We need to come up with communication that caters for everyone from the blind, there is need to enact braille information on HIV, the deaf- health practitioners  need to learn sign language so they meaningfully  attend to the needs of the deaf.our health facilities are they user friendly?  Are our health services providers upholding the ethics of confidentiality? All these need to be  considered .

Having access to health services that meet the cultural and linguistic needs of diverse communications that are inclusive of education, prevention, screening, testing and health care will reduce inequalities that affect the fight against HIV and AIDS.

As countries put into action the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) , there is need to take into recognition the fact that coming up with a “one size fits all approach ” is not going to work this time around. There is need to introspect on what was not done properly on MDGs, lessons learnt, who was being left behind and why.

Novel interventions are required to achieve universal access and uptake of  health facilities as there still exists gender and education-related inequalities in HIV testing.

I would recommend that be there improvement of these interventions that will specifically target less educated individuals, men who are still grounded in partriachism and  still refuse   to get tested and the younger population which is undoubtedly  constituting a larger percentage of  the  world’s  popolation.


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