Vapostori on vaccination

MINISTER of Health and Child Care  Dr David Parirenyatwa has commended members of the apostolic sect for complying with the ministry in vaccinating their children against measles .

Speaking  at the launch of this year’s National Measles -Rubella catch up campaign , he said  vaccination is safe and effective and also commended members of the apostolic sect for giving in  to the ministry’s call for all children to be vaccinated .

”i assure you that vaccination is safe and effective therefore all children should be vaccinated regardless of religious beliefs ,i do applaud you members of the apostolic sect who are here ,it shows your compliance with the ministries call for children to be vaccinated ” he said .

vapostori have of late not been compliant of the ministry of health call for immunization ,a huge percent of children under the age of five are estimated to have died as they were not being immunized due to their religious beliefs that are contrary to health regulations in the country .

A representative from the World Health Organisation Dr  David Okello said  Zimbabwe last recorded a case of measles in 2010 and since then   children are not dying of measles  anymore .

”Zimbabwe has made great strides in reducing mortality rate mainly caused by measles ,the last recorded case in the country was in 2010 which is something to smile about ” said Dr Okello.

measles is one of the six  deadly diseases that causes death in children under the age of 15 years .

if acquired during pregnancy ,Rubella unlike measles it causes abnormalities in the formation of  a child .

The vaccination will start on 28 September and ends on 2 October .

Children from the age of 9 months to 5 years will also be given vitamin A supplements .

Reaching out to the chiefs ,religious leaders who don’t subscribe to health  services was called for .


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