who am i not to be

someone once echoed these sentiments saying ”if music is the food of life ,then play on”

though am not much of a music fanatic , i however managed to deduce the meaning of this quote .at first i was sort of taken aback , but a deep introspection of  my life later on helped me to really understand what it actually meant.

sometimes people tend to do things because the road will be smooth and all rosy ,the morale will be very high when others get to appreciate you and your contributions .

but to be quiet frank ,in life there can never be something achieved without having to undergo a lot of trials and hiccups ,unless you want to live in utopia for the rest of your life where everything is always exaggerated and fictional.

after all that i have gone through in life , i have come to the realization that when you approach your goals and resolutions in the same manner , you will always get a desired result.yes its not as easy as saying ABC ,but being consistent also helps  you being focused and having to forego certain things .

when we  were born each one of us exhibited certain gifts that are totally different from the rest , but one cannot be able to utilize that gift when they  don’t do what i prefer calling ‘self-discovery’ ,its the same  way we do with our bodies when growing up ,the curiosity to know and see beyond whats within the reach of an eye .

and once you do that ,then follow your dream ,its your destiny and destinies are meant to be no matter what .if you  are good at dancing why not be a perfectionist in that category ,if you are a writer  then whats stopping you from doing that ,after all ,you never know how good you are unless you have tried .

life is full of amazing opportunities , they knock at your door each day , but when you cant see them ,they will pass  and those ready will take up and transform their lives .


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