The fight against malaria in Zimbabwe intensifies as the ministry of health incorporate SMEs.

The ministry of health is intensifying its fight against malaria through incorporating the SMEs in sensitizing  them on the burden of the disease in Zimbabwe.

Speaking at  a one day workshop held in Harare ,Dr patience Dhliwayo who is the deputy director for Malaria Program said the Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have a major role to play in the fight against malaria in their provinces .

” SMEs are a helping hand to the community, so it is important for them  to be sensitized about malaria so that they  will be able to help preventing ,controlling and eliminating it in your provinces” she said.

According to the statistics of 2014  revealed by the ministry of health ,Manicaland  had 202097 reported cases of malaria with 154 deaths,Mashonaland Central  had 117483 reported cases with 104 deaths  and Mashonaland East had 79940 reported cases with 100 deaths .

The statistics also revealed  that 50% of the population  resides in malaria transmission  risk areas  and this calls for a dire need to fight against malaria .

Dr Dhliwayo also said that the ministry of health has since embarked on malaria Pre-elimination  programs  that are being conducted in 20 districts of the country .

”the ministry of health have embarked on Pre -elimination programs  that are being conducted in 20 districts of the country to fight against malaria ”.she said .

Children under the age of 15 years and pregnant women are at risk  of developing  severe malaria .

malaria is a disease caused by plasmodium mosquito and the most popularly used control strategies  are indoor residual house spraying  and insecticide  treated  nets .


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