Vapostori on vaccination

MINISTER of Health and Child Care  Dr David Parirenyatwa has commended members of the apostolic sect for complying with the ministry in vaccinating their children against measles .

Speaking  at the launch of this year’s National Measles -Rubella catch up campaign , he said  vaccination is safe and effective and also commended members of the apostolic sect for giving in  to the ministry’s call for all children to be vaccinated .

”i assure you that vaccination is safe and effective therefore all children should be vaccinated regardless of religious beliefs ,i do applaud you members of the apostolic sect who are here ,it shows your compliance with the ministries call for children to be vaccinated ” he said .

vapostori have of late not been compliant of the ministry of health call for immunization ,a huge percent of children under the age of five are estimated to have died as they were not being immunized due to their religious beliefs that are contrary to health regulations in the country .

A representative from the World Health Organisation Dr  David Okello said  Zimbabwe last recorded a case of measles in 2010 and since then   children are not dying of measles  anymore .

”Zimbabwe has made great strides in reducing mortality rate mainly caused by measles ,the last recorded case in the country was in 2010 which is something to smile about ” said Dr Okello.

measles is one of the six  deadly diseases that causes death in children under the age of 15 years .

if acquired during pregnancy ,Rubella unlike measles it causes abnormalities in the formation of  a child .

The vaccination will start on 28 September and ends on 2 October .

Children from the age of 9 months to 5 years will also be given vitamin A supplements .

Reaching out to the chiefs ,religious leaders who don’t subscribe to health  services was called for .


who am i not to be

someone once echoed these sentiments saying ”if music is the food of life ,then play on”

though am not much of a music fanatic , i however managed to deduce the meaning of this quote .at first i was sort of taken aback , but a deep introspection of  my life later on helped me to really understand what it actually meant.

sometimes people tend to do things because the road will be smooth and all rosy ,the morale will be very high when others get to appreciate you and your contributions .

but to be quiet frank ,in life there can never be something achieved without having to undergo a lot of trials and hiccups ,unless you want to live in utopia for the rest of your life where everything is always exaggerated and fictional.

after all that i have gone through in life , i have come to the realization that when you approach your goals and resolutions in the same manner , you will always get a desired result.yes its not as easy as saying ABC ,but being consistent also helps  you being focused and having to forego certain things .

when we  were born each one of us exhibited certain gifts that are totally different from the rest , but one cannot be able to utilize that gift when they  don’t do what i prefer calling ‘self-discovery’ ,its the same  way we do with our bodies when growing up ,the curiosity to know and see beyond whats within the reach of an eye .

and once you do that ,then follow your dream ,its your destiny and destinies are meant to be no matter what .if you  are good at dancing why not be a perfectionist in that category ,if you are a writer  then whats stopping you from doing that ,after all ,you never know how good you are unless you have tried .

life is full of amazing opportunities , they knock at your door each day , but when you cant see them ,they will pass  and those ready will take up and transform their lives .

The fight against malaria in Zimbabwe intensifies as the ministry of health incorporate SMEs.

The ministry of health is intensifying its fight against malaria through incorporating the SMEs in sensitizing  them on the burden of the disease in Zimbabwe.

Speaking at  a one day workshop held in Harare ,Dr patience Dhliwayo who is the deputy director for Malaria Program said the Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have a major role to play in the fight against malaria in their provinces .

” SMEs are a helping hand to the community, so it is important for them  to be sensitized about malaria so that they  will be able to help preventing ,controlling and eliminating it in your provinces” she said.

According to the statistics of 2014  revealed by the ministry of health ,Manicaland  had 202097 reported cases of malaria with 154 deaths,Mashonaland Central  had 117483 reported cases with 104 deaths  and Mashonaland East had 79940 reported cases with 100 deaths .

The statistics also revealed  that 50% of the population  resides in malaria transmission  risk areas  and this calls for a dire need to fight against malaria .

Dr Dhliwayo also said that the ministry of health has since embarked on malaria Pre-elimination  programs  that are being conducted in 20 districts of the country .

”the ministry of health have embarked on Pre -elimination programs  that are being conducted in 20 districts of the country to fight against malaria ”.she said .

Children under the age of 15 years and pregnant women are at risk  of developing  severe malaria .

malaria is a disease caused by plasmodium mosquito and the most popularly used control strategies  are indoor residual house spraying  and insecticide  treated  nets .