Eradicating AIDS pandemic by 2030 a mere rhetoric.

It is acknowledged  that health entails the physical, social, mental, emotional  and spiritual  well being of  a person or community  and not merely  the absence of a disease or infirmity .this was  observed  more than  fifty years ago  when the World  Health Organization (WHO1948) coined the definition of health . With this definition , I believe their  sister organization -UNAIDS   is being myopic in  their ambitious target of ending the pandemic by 2030 as   there are many factors that  prevents the target goal to bear the much desired fruits.

UNAIDS as an international organization  is clearly depicting a mindset  like that of  the Bourbons, they learn nothing and forget nothing. I don’t believe  with the alarming rates of HIV new infections being recorded each year around the globe  it’s  wiser to keep on heralding about ending this devastating epidemic by 2030.Its a shame that the organization keeps on applauding itself about having made progress in raising HIV awareness ,yet  the number of new infections  are  going up amid the efforts.  Our governments have been made docile  for a long time paid blind eyes to other none communicable  diseases such as cancer  diabetes and Tuberculosis while trying to tilt the scale of HIV which amid all these fearful fights kept on escalating. Many innocent souls have died ,while a lot of funds have been poured to fight HIV by AIDS apologists. Whether strategies are being changed or whatever as long as the behaviour of people and the circumstances leading to the rise of new infections have not changed ,let’s forget about eradicating anything. As the old adage has it that “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”  as long as people and their societies have not made up their minds about how exactly they want to do away with HIV ,it becomes difficult to give them a manual and expect them to grasp it.

In July 2014, at the 20th International AIDS conference held in Melbourne Australia, Zimbabwe committed itself to the international thrust to end AIDS by 2030.  Skepticism have been there  since  that time , conferences started being held  to discuss on possible measures to mitigate  the HIV virus , most analysts  questioned   its commitment  with some viewing it as a milestone.  It cannot be achieved, it is  impossible they opined . This scepticism still stands today , in that Zimbabwe is one of the  African countries affected by AIDS but heavily rely on India to supply HIV drugs and funding from  donor states  to  do HIV programs. All these are signs and symptoms of failure , what would happen if India stops supplying drugs to us ? Or worse if the donor states stops dishing out the funding? Does the ending AIDS by 2030 still stands in the picture ? Certainly not.  I think that if only affected regions have the capacity to manufacture their own medication using locally available resources  can there be an aota of hope to do away with the HIV pandemic .Truth may not be good at all times ,but if told at the right time ,it can be a necessary tool. To tell the truth funds are dwindling as more and more international  calamities are being conceived which need to be financed as well. For instance ,terrorism has proved to be a thorn in the flesh to those donor states funding towards the eradication of AIDS. This means sooner or later  some funds will be diverted to  curb terrorism and  the fight against  AIDS will long  be forgotten.

 Moreover, people’s engagement in HIV dialogues are tokenistic . People only got to know about strategies and country roadmaps when everything has already been finalised. That explains why people always resist many projects being spearheaded for them because they feel they don’t own them.  Attendance of AIDS conferences also is discriminatory, those infected with HIV get first preference as if being infected with HIV is some sort of  a privilege . Again fighting  towards eradication of AIDS through discriminatory means is doomed to fail . Why is there supposed to be a demarcation line  when  the  target goal  needs everyone on board? If these situations are not mitigated ,more and more people are going to get infected regardless of all the efforts. Many HIV advocates  do concur with UNAIDS that HIV can be eradicated by 2030 ,but unfortunately not if most people are living with it ,indulging in unprotected sex  as the situation is right now. This scenario clearly highlights that we are still far from erasing this devastating AIDS pandemic  .


Own your story!

Do you know what animals do when they shift and settle in another area? well for example hyenas or jackals they mark their new space  by simply urinating  around their territory,this urine is unique and no other jackal or hyena have the same scent. This might seem stupid ,but the issue of ownership and uniqueness is  very fundamental  in life. How you portray yourself  plays a pivotal role in clearly communicating to the world who you are or what you  are made of , believe it or not but ‘you cannot not communicate’ meaning that  whatever you are doing  give it your best shot and never regret it because  that  way you are communicating  a lot about yourself.    That example of hyenas and jackals I have  used,do you know what they do if their territory is being invaded? …they fight until the intruder has left! That should be lesson number one.

Why also should you bother about how people will react to your actions? The moment you start to pay less attention to what people say or how they react  to whatever you’re doing ,is when your life begins. It should be a lesson that other people’s opinion of you ,doesn’t have to be your reality,instead write your own stanza in your own unique way!

The  world is full of people  who are always trying to be like somebody they have seen on television or someone whose highly esteemed in the society , but very few take their time in mapping how they want their lives to be different or better off stand out from the ordinary. I have a ceaseless effort not to ridicule human actions ,instead I thrive to always have an open mind .The reason being ,if you are always ready to entertain new ideas  or concepts and grasp them slowly ,making a difference becomes a bonus.

I have heard so many times people discouraging their friends ,relatives or even colleagues not to persue their goals. Sometimes they will tell you that …’re are not brilliant to pass the exam, you’re too poor to have a meaningful investment in that business or that you’re too young to  lead that organization .All these are  nets that will be casted at you verbally  to barricade you from accomplishing your goals ,but rather don’t put all your eggs in one basket ,because if this one breaks -try another one  even if it means exhausting all of them.

You will never achieve your goals if you don’t have the persistence of a child.Imagine how a toddler struggle to get up each time he\she hits the ground. It’s their persistence which makes them brave enough not to complain,give up or to at least cry. How I love to be as persistent as a toddler!

The little experience i have has taught me enough that the world is not favourable  to those who show signs of weariness. In simpler terms ,the more you cry ,the more you alienate yourself from the world. The world itself has had enough of crying ,misery and hunger  to that extent that it really can’t contain all this misery anymore. Pacesetters or change makers are what the world is looking for. But because change  takes different shapes in different places , change makers must do things differently  and  make the world go round. In fact ,be the change you want to see and most importantly whatever you are doing ,do it in your own way and own your story!

When  Sustainable Development becomes a farce.

Goal  12.8 of the Sustainable  Development Goals  states  that ” by 2030 ensure  that people  everywhere  have the relevant  information  and awareness  for sustainable  development and lifestyle  in harmony  with nature ” . It is therefore  from this background  that i doubt  the attainment of this goal  taking  a closer look at the current situation  taking  place  at local  level  where there is massive land degradation  ,deforestation  vis-a-vis the target  goal  ,it’s  really  absurd  and if the situation  remains  as such, meeting  the goal  remains  “a pie in the sky”.

Sustainable Development  means  utilizing  the resources  in the present  without  compromising the opportunity  of the future  generation  to enjoy  the same benefits. Zimbabwe  being  one of the member states  of  the United  Nations that adopted  and endorsed  the SDGs  and pledged  to work  towards  their  attainment  should  really  brace up and ACT now  in ensuring  that sustainable  development goals   won’t  be just ” a much ado about  nothing  ” initiative.   

To begin  with, the populace  at large need  to be educated about sustainable  development  ,their  engagement  in national  development  framework  should  not be tokenistic but rather  meaningful  as they are the ones  contributing to the deterioration of the natural  environment.  A notable  example  is that of ward 25 in Mashonaland West  Zvimba  East province  where  massive  land degradation  is taking  place  ,the area has become  an illegal  place for  dealers  who are digging  up top soil /gravel  on the vast land leaving  it  badly damaged  with enormous  gullies  that have become nothing  but death traps  for children  during  the rainy  season . Most of these  people  plundering  the environment  are youths  who cannot  find employment  elsewhere, as an aftermath  digging  up the  top soil  and selling  it to those in construction  business  has become  the only  panacea  for their  survival. The degradation  of the environment  happening  in this community  is an epitome  of  the real situation  taking  place  in various  communities  which  i cannot  mention  here as time may fail me. Looking  back at goal 12.8  ,it is  emphasising  on making  sure that  everywhere  people  have  relevant  information  and awareness  for sustainable  development  so that they be able to deal  with the nature  in a more harmonous  manner. 

It therefore  remains  unquestionable that  these people  plundering  the environment  have no  relevant  information  or awareness  about  the effects  they will  cause in the near or later future, their  primary  concern is survival . The SDGs  also have not really  been  able  to cascade from the top to the least person  living  in the community, they don’t  know  the relevance  or the target  goals  ,thus the government is speeding  towards  a dead  road  because  things  are really  ” falling  apart” in  various  communities ,yet it still  continue  heralding  about  sustainable  development. 

Furthermore,  goal  11.4 states  that ” strengthen  efforts  to protect  and safeguard  the world’s  cultural  and natural  heritage  ” ,strengthening  efforts  again  becomes  difficult  if the real  perpetrators are being  left behind  . It is myopic  to hold hotel  conventions discussion  about what is to be done for the people  ,yet the same people  are miles  away  in their  villages  or communities  unaware  of what is being  discussed. I stand to be corrected  ,but i believe  whatever  is for the people  ,without  the people  ,is against  them. 

Borrowing  from the Nigerian  proverb” he who does  not know  where he went  wrong  ,will never  know when  the rain began  to beat him and worse  off he cannot  know  when  to start  drying  himself ”   . What is wrong  in the discourse  of SDGs  and also barricading  towards  attainment  of target  goals  is simply  lack of  relevant  information. 

life changes ,how to go about it ?

If a tree is able to bend whenever there is great and tempestuous wind ,this enables it to stay intact  and prevents it from breaking .Bending also allows it to  adapt to this change that has happened. Likewise, in life  we face a lot of changes ,sometimes we tend to deny  that change is happening  or we see it but rather choose to ignore it. At the end of the day what counts is that change is happening in fact it is a continuous process and unfortunately  in most cases inevitable.

The question which arises now is what   are you supposed to do about the change ?

Here are some of the things that you can do:

1 .Accept that change happens.

It’s undeniable that most individuals  want things to remain as they are  especially when everything is going on well. But the truth is that nothing lasts forever  it doesn’t matter  whether we like it or not .Sometimes individuals lose jobs ,lose loved one’s or  circumstances force you to leave your country. These changes are stressful ,they affect us a lot . Fears of what life will be tend to grip us immensely. The truth is that the human race fear change in that it brings elements of uncertainty. Imagine going to another country where  you have no idea about their culture, language . There are so many barriers that  affects your stability in a foreign land .  It is however  important  to find a way of adapting  to these changes ,in fact adaptability is the  most effective   method of survival. It’s really important to note the rule of nature ” survival is based not on the size of the animal or plant ,but  on its ability to adapt  to the environment

2 . Always focus on the future

When we talk about the future ,usually we fantasize on good life ,good marriage and high paying jobs. If that turns out to be the opposite  ,we feel depressed ,give up on all hope  and think of going back to the past. The truth however is that the future is a ‘mixed bag’ ,we must anticipate  both good and bad  and always be  able to move forward when that change has taken place in your life. Remember  that those who make it in life  move forward undaunted by Heartbreaks and failures. Always make it a priority to accept  the unchangeable and remove   yourself from the unacceptable. One can only be able to adapt to the change  if he/she accept change and stop looking  back ,but focus on the future

3. Always stay positive

The way you see your problem determines how you will be able to adapt and stay focused. A change is necessary in life in that it enables one to grow ,to see things clearly especially  when you migrate to another country you got to embrace diversity and understand other people as they are . A change of government also might frustrate  those in business ,agriculture or industry  due to regulations or relaxations that might be introduced that will have a negative effect , but a change in government might also usher in new opportunities and more business growth.  So it is important to always try and find something good about that change that has taken place in your life . I still remember there was a time I had to separate with my parents and went to stay with my grandmother  who lived miles away from where my parents were staying. At first I thought  my parents hated me and wanted to punish or teach me a lesson,how could they have send me away when I was that young ? I used to question myself. But as years unfolds ,I realised that staying with my grandmother had  enabled me to grow independently  and I developed many skills that I’m using today to sustain myself and I have also managed to be a sociable being who  accepts individuals of different race or tribe without  being judgemental  or irritable. Since then ,I have  realized that it’s important to see the good part of any change that has happened in your life

4. Help others accept change and strengthen them in their weaknesses.

There is a phrase I enjoy biblically which is found in the book of Revelation .It states that ” they defeated him by the testimony of their mouth” this phrase encourages me a lot in that a testimony of  how you have conquered your problems may be the only thing needed by someone right now  who is hopeless. Over the years life experiences have been one of the most effective ways of inspiring someone to dare their fears and see how a change can be of their benefit. With this I hope  change isn’t a bad thing after all.

Rethinking the purpose of prophecy. True and false ones :where do we draw the line ?

Since time immemorial, prophecy  has  undeniably been  one of the mediums  in which God communicate effectively  to his people.
Prophets   rose whenever there   was need,  these prophets   had specific  missions which  they sought to accomplish and their  presence  was very significant.
Biblical  evidence shows that prophets of old held  the highest  rank .
Even kings knew that they were under prophets who were sometimes  known  as the ‘seer’  (Amos  7 verse 12 ).
As an aftermath  kings  highly  esteemed prophets  and sought guidance-counseling  and continuously  consulted   them to hear  what God  will say about certain  events in their  land notably  war, famine  and diseases.
In certain circumstances prophets reigned as kings,priests and even judges.   A notable  example  is that of Samuel who reigned  over the people of Israel  and acted  also as a judge  and offered  sacrifices  on behalf  of people  as a priest (1 Samuel  7 verse 15).
God had equipped  him for all these tasks.
The bible however  highlighted  that the Israelite’s   burden and unending  wars  with their neighbors erupted when  they  complained  to Samuel  that they wanted a King to reign over them citing that he was too old to carry  out all the tasks  and his children were also not walking in their  father’s  ways  whom he had appointed  to help him .
Israel  had known  peace during  the time Samuel  was reigning  over them.
Samuel  was angry with the people  of Israel  because  of their  request  ,but God instructed  Samuel  to heed the voice of the people.
The lord comforted  Samuel  saying ” heed the voice  of the people  in all that they say to you, for they have not rejected  you, but they have rejected  me, that i should not reign over them ( 1   Samuel  8 verse 7). Knowing  their  evil thoughts ,God instructed  Samuel  who was the prophet  acting also as the judge to anoint a king who would reign  over them, but God told Samuel  to solemnly  forewarn them and show them the behavior  of the king  who would reign over them (1Samuel  8verse 9-22).

It is however  against   this background  that  in this generation and era   we see the  sprouting  of many prophets   some are ‘fly by night’ and some are true prophets ,yet they all claim  to be used by  the power  of God. 
Dear reader get me right, I’m  not against  prophets  of modern  day age nor their prophetic  styles because  God can use anyone  to convey his message  .
Some of the Prophets  of old testament  weren’t  born prophets  ,but were called  to herald or convey different  messages  that were suitable  with the time.
Amos is one of the old prophets  whom God called  while following  his flock and tending    the sycamore  fruits   to go and tell the Israelites  their transgressions ( Amos  7verse  14-15). Elijah  too  was not an Israelite for research  clearly  points out that he was from Tishbite , yet God instructed him to go and warn Ahab the king of Samaria  of the injustices  he was inflicting  on his subjects. Such prophecy  holds much water because  it was relevant.
These prophets were always  at longerheads  with kings and the general  populace  whom they conveyed their  messages  to.
They  weren’t  giving  people  false hope or telling  them what they wanted to hear, they stood  for the truth and justice  .
They would use harsh language  to  rebuke  people for instance Prophet Amos  used  words like ‘ you cows of Bashan’ and Jeremiah  also prophesied  that Israelites  were to go into exile for a long time ,thus there were to submit  to the rulers  of that  foreign  land and also marry their  daughters  which was contrary  to false prophets  who were there  during  his time who prophesied  that the exile  was just for a short time giving  people  false hope.
These types of prophecies   were not easy to accept  ,but that was the truth which needs  to be heralded.
During  that time being a prophet was a dangerous  task one could get killed  or risked spending  most of their lives  hiding ,a notable  example  is that  of Elijah who was constantly  fleeing  from Ahab  and his devious  wife Jezebel  after  he had rebuked them for idolatry  and oppression .
It  is therefore  clear that false prophets are by no means  a new phenomenon  for they have been  there  in the past.

Fast forward  now to modern  day prophets  ,they have a huge following  ,messages  always  sweet ,appealing  to the populace and the kings, people  don’t  really  have time for repentance  or have fellowship  with God. Its just prosperity  and breakthrough. There is nothing  wrong  in telling  people  that they are going to prosper, but there is everything  wrong in doing so if God has not really  said that.

The question  which now arises  is whether these people who are flocking  to receive  prophecies  know the difference  between  false  prophets   and  true prophets or they are just fulfilling  scriptural prophecy  which clearly  states  that there will come a time when people  will shun listening  to the word of God, but flock to hear  prophecies  that feels  good  to their  ears, but not pleasing  to God . 
People  are being  told what they want to hear, there isn’t  time to discern  whether  the prophecies   holds water  or not.
Just like the biblical  Israelites,  the generation  of today  approach  God while heavily  pregnant  with strategies  they want God to use to help them out of their situations ,this sense  of pride barricades everything  and when things doesn’t  work according  to their  expectations  they freak  out and doubt the power of God.
I respect  prophets  and their  prophecies  and i wouldn’t  want to find myself  judging  for the word of God said ” do not judge”  ,but what i really  want is for people to weigh the prophecies, understand  what the bible says and not be blind spiritually.
Believe  it or not this  era requires  one to possess  the spirit  of discernment .
The problem now is a complete ignorance  of the purpose  of prophecy  in people’s  lives and the church.
According  to the Bible, prophecy  is for strengthening or edifying the church ,giving hope , rebuking  kings  whenever  they disobey  God and warning  people  to desist  from filthiness  which displeased  God.
If prophecy  is not edifying  the church or rebuking  kings ,the general  populace  for their  wrong  doings   or giving hope to the people  who are in need of it , then I’m  afraid  and strongly  feel  that there is a huge problem  with that .
Let him who has ears to hear,hear  what the word of God has to say!

Eradicating Gender Based Violence : What’s new in our arsenal of prevention?

As the world braces up for the yearly  commemorations of 16 days against gender based violence, this year’s commemorations are historic and reflective of  the miles that have been traveled and also an  introspection of what’s new in our arsenal of prevention as we move forward is  undeniably one of the trending issues to be  looked at.


Millennium Development Goals  have been a global focus for development since 2000-2015.

I suppose we all know that  the globe is transitioning from the eight  Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) that were adopted in 2000 and they came to a halt last year after having been the globe’s focus for development for fifteen years .
However Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)are now  a new focus for global development after the realisation that  there are certain areas where governments  have failed to meet the  MDG’s  targets due  to a lot of  factors  that bottlenecked these developments , so in pursuit of those goals,  seventeen (17)  Sustainable Development Goals  officially came into effect last year through endorsement by member states at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).


Sustainable Development Goals will be the globe’s focus for development for the next fifteen years.

Goal 3  of  MDGs was  targeted at eradicating gender inequality  which also focused on ending all forms of domestic  violence, but because this target wasn’t met as clearly evidenced by GBV  cases that are still rife globally,  goal  5 of SDGs is now focusing on that.
Goal 5 .2 of the SDGs  targets that by 2030 , there will be elimination of all forms of violence against all women and girls in public and private spheres, including trafficking and sexual and other types of exploitation.  This is a very ambitious target which needs not a ‘one size fits all’ approach if the globe is to eradicate GBV.

Below are case studies of young Zimbabwean women who are victims of GBV . These are their stories:

*Belinda chipuni(not real name) aged 22  stays in Epworth  one of the shanty towns a few miles out of Harare’s Suburbs .
She got married at the age of fifteen  and bore 2 children . Her husband who have two other wives  is old and  very violent.
He abuses her physically, each time he beats her up, he uses fists and  sticks.
At times the violence only  ends up  after the furniture has been reduced to mere rubbles.
As if vandalizing furniture and butchering her is  not enough , Belinda’s husband  doesn’t support her  neither her two children.
She can’t send her children to school  either.  The pathetic young mother  dread  the horror everyday, but does nothing about it .
Belinda survives on  vending, but this hand-to-mouth business of hers doesn’t yield much except to keep her and the two children alive .
This young lady can’t go back to her parents home because her father too is a violent man who used to  beat her and her mother  for trivial issues.
The mother is now deceased and the father married another wife, a move  which has shut all her  hope of ever returning back to her parents home.
Belinda narrates that she had had three miscarriages before conceiving the two children she now have.
Apart from the beatings and miscarriages, she noted that she also suffered  an early menopause, she hasn’t seen her period for two years now, but she believes she has been bewitched by other wives of her husband out of jealousy.
Could the early menopause be as a result of  the violence she encountered…. she  has no explanation for that and has no medical explanation as well to what could have led  to the early menopause.

In another case, Dorcas kanyangarara aged  25  got married at the age of 17  , she said  it was a forced marriage, but later managed to accept her fate.
She got two miscarriages before  conceiving a son that  she now has. The husband abused her physically several times during all her pregnancies and that contributed immensely to her miscarriages, he would make her do laborious jobs  even if she indicated that she was in pain .
The husband later suffered from stroke and  died and she remarried .
Nothing has however changed in her second marriage, in fact the second husband is even worse.
He  doesn’t want the child from her first marriage   and  this is usually the bone of their contention.
Whenever he comes home drunk, he throws her son and his  belongings outside threatening to kill him if he  dare set his foot in his house again. The son  is only six years old, a minor  still needs proper parenting.
This scenario traumatises her and her son.
At some point she reported the violence cases to the nearby police station, but when  her husband was summoned he said the woman was a  liar and nothing like that was taking place at home , the husband  had  invited other relatives who also witnessed in favor of him.
Although the  evidence of GBV was there, the police officers only insisted that they should  go  home and resolve  their issues  in a more amicable way .
This has made her lose confidence in the  law enforcement agents, she thinks they are more biased towards men who are perpetrators of violence.
Dorcas  wishes that one day she  will be able to fight back and never be a victim of GBV.

These two case studies depicts the  numerous domestic violence cases   that targets women at large .
It is therefore  worthy to note that  this era of SDGs ushered in a new dawn of hope,  where engaging  young people  as agents of change in speaking up against GBV  in their  diverse societies is a new approach needed in the arsenal of prevention.

To begin with,  working with youth is a sustainable way of  eradicating and preventing GBV  as this is a critical time when they are socialized to  societal values and norms of the society.
For example  engaging boys not only prevent violence against women and girls, but help improve  the lives of men and boys by freeing them from harmful and myopic aspects of masculinity that continue to drive GBV.
As an aftermath,  the society will flourish with  tolerance to  gender equality.

Moreover, because violence against women and girls  is deeply rooted in gender-based discrimination, societal norms  and gender stereotypes, it is important to  start prevention from an early stage of life by educating and demonstrating to young people how   eradicating GBV is healthy to their families and societies at large.
By the time they have their own families, young men will be responsible husbands to their wives . Such kind of socialization should be propagated right and the time I believe  is now .

Furthermore, equality as  stipulated  in the UN Charter is a fundamental principle of international law .Therefore achieving gender equality and eradicating  all forms of violence based on gender must be  a societal responsibility  that puts young people on the forefront  as they are the ones who still have so much zest for life  unlike the elderly who find it difficult to change from the norms of masculinity  they have grasped at a tender age.

I have therefore no doubt that  meeting the targets of SDGs  and doing away with gender discrimination  lies entirely on how  much governments are willing to invest in their young people to lead this change.
Of late  engagement of young people has always been tokenistic.   This  has  however   stifled progress and rendered young people  incompetent, yet they are innovative and have an amazing way of communicating with other young people from all over the globe  through the concept of embracing simplicity.
I wish if governments could  grasp this concept of simplicity,   positive change becomes inevitable .
Young people  are the new  approach needed in the arsenal of prevention so lets give them a chance and full support for sustainable results!

The sun is rising in the ghetto

If cancer which feeds on our weak cells , finds a weakness and begins to eat away, then hopefully , somewhere  within our bodies too  there  are certainly cells which fight and reject the deformity  as well.
No matter the circumstances, there has to be a way somewhere, somehow which permits you to write  your own stanza – saying it in your own way .
What is needed is a complete erasure of that space which breeds   self-doubt because  a mere  entertainment of  it will  turn one  into a captive.

This is an epitome  of a young kid rising in the block of music.
He resides  in the western suburbs of Harare, a busy area and obviously one  of the oldest  cities  in Harare.  The city  is undoubtedly now   overpopulated  and also known for  harboring thieves, prostitutes, drug dealers notably marijuana gamblers .
Mufakose is known for such rot,  but it is  in this place  that  promising talents are blooming arrayed with glitz thus   overshadowing the rot.
The youngster who is  rising  up neither thought of himself as vulnerable nor  disadvantaged   but only  as an achiever. What  puzzles me is his confidence . Philosophically I believe he’s an optimist who sees opportunities in a wrecked, disavantaged situation.


Tawanda Innocent Christmas 
a.k.a Tazee-Jonez

Tracing down his history, no sane person could listen to him narrating his  melancholic  ordeal without  shedding tears.
Tawanda Innocent Christmas  whose parents died when he was still young, is the second born in a family of three boys . He was raised by his grandmother  , but sadly, she couldn’t live long enough to see ” Tazee-Jonez ” as he is known in the music circles fulfilling his dream.

As a child, music played  a huge part in his life .Surprisingly his taste of music  conflicted  significantly with  that of  pals in  his hood. For those who know, the  ghetto is well known for conceiving’Zim dancehall’ , but Tazee-Jones favored hip- hop and an introspection  both on his presentation and dressing,  stand as a testimony  that surely  this genre  flows  swiftly through his veins.

He began his career in 2006  doing ghetto street cyphers  where  music artists where battling it out in the street . Some have since  ceased pursuing  the career that is so  daunting, but   he has been struggling, undeterred by his disadvantages and is  staying afloat in the  wave of hardships.

Tazee-Jonez was mainly inspired by  Timothy Katerere  better known as DJ Timmy Bwoi in the music cycles, he is also a producer  who owns a recording studio  in Mufakose. Tendai Masango also known as Jnr T and Boss Spencer  also  played a great role in inspiring the youngster.

With a genuine smile Tawanda,  could not hide why he chose to chase a different genre that is not well  accustomed with ghetto youngsters like him, he always dream that one day his music will go beyond the boarders of Zimbabwe and earn a decent living from his career. He also envy  Buffalo Soldier,who is also an offspring of Mufakose  but now enjoying his high-profile  music career  and a  lavish  lifestyle in South Africa.

Tazee-Jonez  had done a lot of collaborations  and the songs are mainly influenced by ghetto blues ranging from where he began up to  where he is now.
His first song  is called Nhasi takunwa ft Goodkid, Soul ft Feel Dee and Goodkid, Handife ndaregedza ft Ray Gee, Mfombi is my hood ft Weezy tiffy, Trimagandanga ft Weezy tiffy, Hona  ft Wizey 400, Boys rematimber ft Trap boy James, Same old, Can’t feel it ft Tracy and We up ft Pinky.
These 10 singles  are a testimony  to his hardwork, consistency and talent.
Like the old proverb say ” those who make it in life are the ones who move forward undaunted by hardships”  the youngster surely  deserves a chance if  opportunity and any other help is to come along his way.
Tawanda is just an epitome of the  youngsters who are rising in different ghettos, many have exceptional talents that are going unnoticed, only time will tell before  the talent  became so overwhelming and cannot be contained anymore.

Youngsters like himself often feel deterred by people who tell them chasing a music career is a waste of time, but truth be told- nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.